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Safe Identification

Skilled opening of safes and vaults requires specific and detailed knowledge of the inner workings of all the different makes and models of safes and vaults available.

Safe & Vault Services can identify any safe from pictures we receive via email or MMS

Usually, a safe or vault will have a name on front of the door (sometimes printed on the handle) telling us the make of safe and a badge (insurance or manufacturers) on the the inside telling us the model. Some safes also have production codes stamped on their bolt-work. If these are unavailable (e.g. the safe is locked out), then a clear picture of the door will help us determine make and model

Common Characteristics For Identification of Safes and Vaults

The following lists are not exhaustive

Name and Badges

Some Common Names
Safe NamePlates
Examples of Manufacture Badges
Safe Badges

Handle Styles

Wheel Disc
Safe Handle Wheel Safe Handle Disc
Lever L-Shape
Safe Handle Lever Safe Handle L Shape
2 Spokes 3 Spokes 5 Spokes
Safe Handle 2 Spokes Safe Handle 3 Spokes Safe Handle 5 Spokes Safe Handle 5 Spokes Alternative
Safes may also have a rigid pull handle or no handles at all (lightweight door that is pulled open by key)

Hinge Styles

Square Round Block Long Internal
Safe Hinge Square Safe Hinge Round Safe Hinge Block Safe Hinge Long Safe Hinge Hidden Internal